Thursday, 17 September 2009

little chook!!

Little Chook will be with us selling their great childrens clothing products...a great range weather for a little one of your own or a gift. A must have and ethically produced too!

FOREST CREATURES - Flock prints featuring a variety of animals and birds which are easily recognisable to little ones. The flock shapes are all cut by hand and have a lovely texture similar to fuzzy felt (anyone growing up in the 70’s should have fond memories of their fuzzy felt sets!). 

VINTAGE PATCHES - they have a large collection of genuine vintage fabrics and and use small pieces of fabric to decorate children’s tshirts. 

Where ever possible Little Chook sources 100% organic cotton tshirts which have been manufactured in a fair and equitable way with no child labour involved. Where it has not been possible to source organic cotton they use products from the American Apparel range as they manufacture all their own products in the states and treat their workforce fairly. 

The littlechook range includes: 

Babygros (0 – 12 months)
Baby T shirts
Toddler T shirts
Baby Hats
Treasure Bag Mini Totes
Baby Blankets
Greetings cards, fridge magnets and pin badges

or for a sneaky first look...x

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