Thursday, 17 September 2009

Come and get your limit edition prints!!!! Read on.....


Printmonger sell screenprints. All the prints are printed at Print Club London ( by both / either / or Print Club London and / or Cure Studio ( The prints on the stall this saturday are (mostly) from a show shown in London, America and Japan. 

The show is called Edition / Power In Numbers and features 50 artists, each with an edition of 50 prints. 

Artists in the show include:
Alain Magallon / Alice Stallard / Camelia Dobrin / One Side Zero / Charlotte Smith / Chris Floyd / Claudia Boldt / Dan Speight / David Gibbons / Emma Vorster / Emmi / Haruka Shinji / Heejohng Chae / Ivan Mayorquin / Jake Blanchard / Jez Burrows / Jim Smith / Josephine Spencer / Luke James / Marc Stewart / Mark McClure / Maxwell Harrison / NaĆ­ma Almeida / Ornamental Conifer / Partly Civil / Peter James Field / Peter Stitson / Raymond Wong / Rose Stallard / Royal Glamsters / Sara Nesteruk / Sichi / Splendidhand / Stephen Chan / Steve Price / Steven Emmanuel / Stuart Chatman / Tom Baxter / Trisha McNally / Wayne Chisnall / Yann Brien / Austin from New / Random Boy / Ministry of Love / Baldrick Buckle

Images of printing:

Video of printing:

With the latest hiccups at:

All of the prints are for sale for £20... 

Cure Studio can be found at and the prints from the show can all be found


  1. Hey. Nice thats my blue print!! Hope people like... I'm posting about the Craftaholics on Check it!

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