Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Latest Sellers...

New sellers Mr Wingate Prints, Andrea Garland and Rosielee Clothing.
Andrea Garland an aromatherapist tired of the chemically laden, mass produced cosmetics and their unadventurous packaging, decided to produce her very own natural range based around her love of all things vintage. She uses antique tins, pill boxes and compacts as packaging to provide a wonderful way to be totally ethical and individual! See her site for more: 


Mr Wingate Prints create an amazing selection of Men's T-shirts, sweats and wallpaper. All designed with unique graphic prints using raised printing methods, inner city architectural designs and repeat geometric motifs...a great purchase for all you male craftaholics! See his website for a sneak preview...

If you have a love for all things 1940's and 50's Rosielee Clothing could be just the ticket. All her items are beautifully handmade, and although each piece is limited edition she can make any size for you! Come down on th 27th and sample the delights of her nostalgic clothing and hats...

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  1. hello! natural cosmetics are always a winner! I make jewellery out of everything www.littlemonarch.etsy.com id love to get involved in craftaholics!